Landscape Installation

After we design your landscape with the perfect trees, shrubs, ground coverings, and flowers to match your design taste and maintenance preferences, we select the healthiest plantings from the finest growers in the area to assure that your finished landscape is spectacular. We will install all of your plantings using the correct spacing, accurate root depth, perfect soil mixture, and recommended lighting that each plant needs to thrive. After your landscape is installed, we educate you on the ongoing fertilization, watering, and maintenance needs of each planting. We will bring "new life" into your landscape!

Landscape Renovation

Many people "inherit" a landscape when they purchase an existing home. The landscape that came with the house might not always meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the new homeowner. Or, a homeowner might just tire of the landscape they currently have opting instead for something newer, more modern, more environmentally friendly, or something that just requires less maintenance. Our staff not only works with the landscaping needs of a newly built home, but we also specialize in the renovation of an existing yard. If your existing landscape is overgrown, dated, or just getting too difficult to maintain, call us to discuss how we can transform your property.

Seasonal Color

Annual Flowers can provide landscaped areas with more seasonal variety and colorful accents than most other plants. The key to success with annuals is to plant only the area that can be adequately cared for. Remember, color can have more impact on the landscape than any other design element. However, nothing has a more negative impact than a poorly maintained color area. Our team can help you choose the right annual varieties and beautiful color combinations for your landscape. Moreover, we know when it is the best time of the year to plant certain flowers. We can properly prepare the soil for your flower bed by adding the appropriate organic material, fertilizers, and pre-plant weed control as needed. We will also properly plant the flowers and mulch the flower beds as needed by the specific plants which you have selected. Furthermore, with our scheduled lawn care and maintenance services, our team can continue to maintain your flower beds through proper water monitoring, flower bed manicuring, fertilizing, disease control, insect control, and weeding.

Tropical Landscapes

Give your landscape the feeling of instant stress relief, lushness, and relaxation through the installation of a tropical themed landscape design plan. With proper irrigation, we can turn your property into an oasis! Through the use of sun loving plants, rock and stone placements, and winding pathways, we can give your home a feeling of being at a resort. Include a water feature, and you are set with a tropical feel for your landscape!


Choosing a landscape design and planting materials which will surround your pool and spa area takes careful consideration and planning. Plantings must be able to tolerate the brutal sun and shed as little debris as possible so that your pool and spa stay clean. Some people prefer plantings that will provide some shaded areas, while others prefer to not block out the sunshine. Moreover, chosen plantings need to be tolerant, in some cases, of possible pool and spa overflows of chlorinated water. From design to installation, we can help you by installing plant beddings, terraced landscaping, and/or decorative landscaping pots around your pool and spa areas.


The proper mulching of your flower, shrubbery, and tree landscape beddings will not only give your property a crisp, clean, and manicured look, but it will also drastically reduce the amount of time spent weeding, watering, and fighting pests. Mulching also helps with erosion control as well as it keeps dirt from splashing up on your flowers, home, and hardscape features when it rains. We can help you decide which type of mulch would be best for your needs, and we can calculate for you the amount of mulch your landscape needs. Best of all, we will install the mulch exactly where and as it is needed.

Sod Installation

We specialize in sod installation for both new construction and existing landscapes. Our design team can help you to decide which sod or grass type is best for your needs or preferences. Sod often takes up the most visual space within a landscape, so we make sure that the installation of your sod is done right.

First, we make sure that all of the old lawn and weeds from the area are fully removed. Then, we prepare the soil and make sure it is ready for the sod. Next we make sure the sod is laid properly and cut as needed to conform to curved boundaries and planting beds. Finally, we provide our professional advice on the proper watering and mowing instructions to maintain your new sod.


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